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Origin of the name

Mueller / Müller is the name for the job of the miller. It is the most common family name in Germany. There are different variants of this name like Müllner, Möller, Miller and other. In the 12th century nearly every village had one ore more water mills.

Very often this name is combined with with other words – then you get Lohmüller, Oelmüller or Windmüller which represents the kind of mill or the place in Angermüller, Bachmüller and Obermüller.

Source: – © 2006 Brockhaus Duden Neue Medien GmbH, Mannheim

Geographical distribution in Germany

GeoGen found 267575 entrys with this name in 439 different counties. Calculated to the entire population there are around 713528 people with this name in Germany. Müller is the most common name in Germany.

Most Müllers are in the county of Kronach in Bavaria / Germany: 9142 phone lines per one million population. Least are found in Borken county.

Source: GeoGen

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