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Origin of the name

1. The name is a form of the names with “sigu” in the name, like Siegfried or something like this.

2. Jobname for the creator of a “Seidel”. You can drink wine of wooden Seidels.

Source: – © 2006 Brockhaus Duden Neue Medien GmbH, Mannheim

Geographical distribution in Germany

In GeoGen there are 19338 entries for this names in 439 different counties. Calculated to the entire population there are around 51568 people with this name in Germany. The name is more often than the average. Seidel is on place 79 of the most frequent names.

Most Seidels are in the county of Vogtlandkreis in Saxonia / Germany: 3037 phone lines per one million population. Least Seidels are found in Leer county.

Source: GeoGen

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